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Dear Prospective Author:

Thank you for your interest in joining National Healthcare Institute (NHI) as a regulatory and/or continuing education author. We are an approved continuing education provider for nursing professionals based in Miami, Florida. NHI authors pride themselves on their ability to provide nurses and other healthcare providers with current, high quality, evidence-based educational programs that meet the criteria established by state and national regulatory agencies.

Our course development staff looks forward to working with you to ensure that you are successful in having your courses approved for continuing education credit on our web site. With that goal in mind, NHI has developed a free of charge CE Writing Course as a resource to assist prospective authors getting started. This course can be accessed by logging into our learning platform. Course registration will be processed upon completion of our new author application process. Prospective authors will be provided with accessing instructions for this course via email.

Please keep in mind that before courses can be considered for approval, prospective authors must have completed our new author application process and CE Writing Course. Application forms will be emailed upon request and must be completed, signed and sent via e-mail to Once all required documentation is received and approved, prospective authors are granted active author status and can start submitting new courses for approval via e-mail to Once received, course manuscripts will be forwarded to our Planning Committee. These are nurses and/or other healthcare professionals who have agreed to review course’s manuscript, take the accompanying post test and complete a written evaluation. Planning Committee members will provide information about the time it takes them to complete the course. Course completion time reported by Planning Committee members is then averaged and contact hours and/or CE credits are assigned to the course. Planning committee evaluation comments may also indicate the need for course revision. Once the final course draft is approved by all parties, NHI will appropriately format it for the web site, assign a program cost and add it to our existing course catalog.

The approval process usually takes approximately two (2) weeks. Program formatting and website placement generally takes an additional two (2) weeks. NHI payment system is based on royalty fees per course sales. Authors typically receive royalty payments from 25% to 50% of their course(s) monthly sales. Royalty percentage for submitted courses will vary depending on length, level of complexity and demand for the course submitted as well as the author’s experience and knowledge on the topic presented. You can also request assistance or ask additional questions by writing to

Again, we are excited that you are interested in writing for us at NHI. Let us know how we can help you!


Felix F. Lahmann, MSN, CRNA, ARNP

To learn more or to access course planning forms and tools visit our Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Planning Committee page.