Family Nurse Practitioner Online Review

30 CE Hrs
Family Nurse Practitioner Online Review


Created by experts using instructional design principles, this interactive content engages users with reading, animation, video, audio, interactive exercises and assessments this Family Nurse Practitioner Online Review is a stand-alone online course covering family nurse practitioner practice. It uses bulleted, outline content, hundreds of illustrations, animations, audio, videos, self-check exercises, case studies, and exams to test your knowledge of key content areas.

  • Covering all subject areas of the ANCC and AANP family nurse practitioner exams, there is no need for users to travel to courses offered by independent consulting services.
  • The course begins with a pre-test to assess user readiness for the examination in addition to areas of weakness so that the user knows where to concentrate studying time and efforts.
  • Includes content overviews with full-color content illustrations, self-check questions in each lesson, and case studies that provide real-life examples of common patient concerns.
  • Four (4) comprehensive exams provides a test bank of 500 multiple choice questions. Users can take practice exams multiple times for extra practice.
  • Additional resources are included such as drug monographs for over 100 prescription and over-the-counter drugs currently on the market and normal laboratory values.
  • Numerous opportunities for answering questions in a computer testing environment.
  • Answers to questions with complete rationales available to you.
  • A final comprehensive exam that mirrors the certification exam can be taken at the end of the course.
  • A 30 hours CE certificate of completion is awarded upon completion of the course (this certificate is accepted by the AANP as requited to retake the exam).

This Family Nurse Practitioner Online review tools include:

  • 28 modules cover all content areas of the family nurse practitioner certification exams.
  • Populated and blank calendars keep you organized as you move through the 28 modules.
  • A pre-test of 100 multiple choice questions gives you an early indication of how well you understand the content by providing your results, broken down by content area. The score will be reported to the course gradebook.
  • Self check exercises and case studies provide real-life examples of common symptoms and diagnoses.
  • Hundreds of content illustrations, animations, and videos reinforce key concepts.
  • A comprehensive exam provides you with a test bank of 500 multiple choice questions. You may populate a comprehensive exam as many times as you wish. The score will not be reported to the course gradebook.
  • The final exam can be taken only once and will provide a full 150 question, multiple choice exams that reveal your results broken down by content area. The score will be reported to the course gradebook.
  • Drug monographs provide key medication information.
  • Clinical references provide additional information.
  • And much more!!

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