Clinical Preceptorship for Healthcare Professionals

8 CE Hrs
Clinical Preceptorship for Healthcare Professionals


This course describes how supervised clinical experience can allow students to apply knowledge gained in the didactic portion of a program to clinical practice. The importance of understanding each student perception about clinical preceptorship, their past experience and technical competence to provide clinical learning opportunities that support the student's individual learning needs are discussed. In addition, understanding the value of how to develop learning objectives, fostering clinical reasoning, dealing with conflict and preparing for a formal evaluation upon completion of the clinical rotation are also discussed.

Target Audience

This course is designed for nurses and other healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their teaching skills as clinical preceptors.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the importance of welcoming students to a clinical educational experience
  2. Learn how to establish the preceptor/student relationship
  3. Identify the key elements of a successful orientation to the clinical placement site
  4. Understand the roles of preceptor and student
  5. Articulate the value of developing well-defined learning objectives
  6. Differentiate between well-defined and poorly defined learning objectives
  7. Develop productive learning objectives based on the models provided
  8. Identify when and how learning objectives should be reviewed, reconsidered, or reshaped
  9. Access resources for developing learning objectives and for further study
  10. Understand the importance of feedback in practice education and learn how to set the stage for the feedback process
  11. Discover how to effectively incorporate feedback into the daily partnership between preceptor and student
  12. Identify when to give feedback and how to frame it for the best learning outcome
  13. Understand how to adjust feedback to the experience level of the student
  14. Learn how to increase comfort and learning when on the receiving end of feedback
  15. Articulate the value of understanding and developing clinical reasoning skills
  16. Identify the tenets of clinical reasoning
  17. Identify different ways of thinking about, developing, and teaching clinical reasoning skills
  18. Describe the developmental progression of the clinical reasoning process
  19. Evaluate your own clinical reasoning skills and consider guiding questions to foster further clinical reasoning skills, or to assist in the development of these skills in others
  20. Increase preceptor and student knowledge of the rationale and benefits of reflective practice.
  21. Identify various types of reflection.
  22. Understand the major tenets of reflective practice.
  23. Learn strategies to incorporate reflection into professional practice and into the student-preceptor learning relationship.
  24. Articulate the rationale and purposes of reflective practice
  25. Understand the major tenets of reflective practice
  26. Consider various strategies for learning through reflection on your practice experience
  27. Identify principles that inform reflective organizational cultures, reflective conversations and collaborative reflection.
  28. Understand the types and sources of conflicts.
  29. Learn about various conflict management styles.
  30. Introduce a conflict resolution model.
  31. Discover general conflict resolution and prevention strategies.
  32. Understand the formal evaluation process.
  33. Differentiate between an observation and a judgment.
  34. Learn about student perspectives on evaluation and how to foster student self critique.
  35. Identify several methods of collecting information in preparation for the formal evaluation.
  36. Identify some key elements to incorporate into the formal evaluation meeting.
  37. Discover ways to assist the failing student.

Completion Requirements

In order to receive full contact-hour credit for this CNE activity, participants must:

  • Be registered for this activity,
  • Review the course material,
  • Complete the course post-test and obtain a grade of 70% or higher,
  • Complete and submit the course evaluation survey.
  • Other requirements for some of the courses may also include participation discussion boards, practice exercises, practice questions, etc.

Conflict of Interest (or lack thereof) for Planners, Authors and Presenters

A conflict of interest exists if any individual/entity that is in a position to influence the content, design, or implementation of the CNE activity is ALSO in a position to benefit financially from the success of a CNE activity.

The planners, authors and presenters of this CNE activity have disclosed no conflict of interest including no relevant financial relationships with any commercial companies pertaining to this CNE activity.

Commercial/Sponsor Support

There is no commercial company or sponsor support for this CNE activity.

Non-Endorsement of Products

The National Healthcare Institute CNE provider approval status refers only to continuing nursing education activities and does not imply that there is a real or implied endorsement of any product, service, or company referred to in this activity nor of any company subsidizing costs related to the activity.

Off-Label Product Use

This CNE activity does not include any unannounced information about off-label use of a product for a purpose other than that for which it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Course Aprrovals

Nursing Board Approvals

National Healthcare Institute (NHI) is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the California*, Florida and District of Columbia Board of Nursing. All CNE courses offer by National Healthcare Institute follow the standards recommended by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation for this type of educational activities.

California Board of Registered Nursing*

Registered Nurse

District of Columbia Board of Nursing

Registered Nurse
Registered Nurse Anesthetist
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Clinical Nurse Midwife
Nurse Practitioner

Florida Board of Nursing

Registered Nurse
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner


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